Effective Writing Groups:

Writing and Accountability for the Summer

Summertime for graduate students should be spent at the pool, right? Well, in addition to those few minutes spent at the pool, summertime is when graduate students could (and should) be writing. Graduate student writing is often done in a group. This workshop takes on the two pieces of a writing group: (1) how to organize and run a group, and (2) what and how to write technical documents.

This workshop will be informal: most of the important details are available in the resources. Approximately one-fourth of the workshop will be spent talking about organizing a student group. You probably already are in a work group so you probably know the members of the group already. But part of your professional development is learning how to organize and control a student group --- we’ll spend time on this. To Bring To Workshop: Be ready to talk about your worst working group experience.

Three-fourths of the workshop will be devoted to the writing part. The assumption is that the group you are part of has an article or conference paper to write. Your readers will expect to see information in a particular order and that order is determined by your discipline or journal or conference committee. We will discuss a strategy to put an article together, regardless of the disciplinary rules. To Bring To Workshop: Be prepared to present an idea for a paper you want to write.

All grads and postdocs are welcome, and those in STEM disciplines are strongly encouraged to attend.

April 11, 2018 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Location: 203 Watt Family Innovation Center

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Presented by:

Dr. Dennis Stevenson

He is currently serving as Emeritus in the Emeritus College within College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Science.

Educational/training background

Viet Nam veteran, awarded CIB and Bronze Star (1965-1969). Bell Telephone Laboratories, MTS, worked on early UNIX and early database systems.(1969-1980). Clemson Department of Computer Science (1980-2013). Education: PhD, Mathematics, Clemson, 1983; MS, Computer Science, Rutgers,1975; BA, Mathematics, Eastern Michigan, 1965.


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