About GRAD 360°

GRAD 360° will provide trainees with a structured way to develop and track their proficiency in the academic, personal, and professional focus areas known as "The Tiger 9." Each trainee's development program can be tailored to meet their unique needs and interests. Trainees can:

  • Identify their interests, skills, and values throughout their Clemson experience;
  • Engage their advisors in holistic advising and mentoring;
  • Acquire and develop specific skills necessary for postgraduate professional practice; and
  • Track their transformation by recording their experience in an online portfolio.
Students in a professional development workshop held in the Watt Center

Our Mission

To create and support unparalleled and high quality academic, personal, and professional development opportunities that enrich the graduate student and postdoctoral scholar experience at Clemson University.

Our Values and Principles Guide Our Work

GRAD 360° is about building relationships with on-campus and off-campus partners to help trainees take control of their Clemson experience. We value our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars first. We demand excellence and expect commitment. We believe in authentic growth across the academic, personal, and professional aspects of trainees' lives. We envision a critically conscious, compassionate, and just campus community where all trainees harness their holistic skills for dynamic local and global impacts.

Student Support Matters

The Graduate School plays a critical role in providing the support services necessary to make academic progress possible. This involves engaging trainees in an evidence-based and learner-centered training model that provides them with a variety of learning experiences that augment their programs of study, and that could lead to more competent and confident graduates.