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GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series GIS Analysis with High-Resolution Imagery

Jun 14
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Zoom Online

GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series GeoAI - Machine Learning & Deep Learning with GIS

Jun 18
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Zoom Online

Michelin Career Center Graduate Student Series LinkedIn & Online Presence

Jun 20
12:00 pm to 12:45 pm
Zoom Online

Tiger 9

The Tiger 9 focus areas encompass the essential transferable skills at the core of graduate education and professional preparation for any employment sector. Use the Tiger 9 as a guide to strengthen your existing skills and to develop new competencies relevant to your academic and professional goals.

Career Development and Exploration

Prepare to make informed career decisions and navigate the complex world of professional opportunities in academia, industry, and other sectors.

Personal Health, Wellness, and Financial Literacy

Foster resilience for life’s challenges, establish healthy habits, and build a secure financial future because a fulfilling life requires a balanced and sustainable approach.

Research and Innovation

Advance your personal research agenda by learning to conduct research more responsibly, preparing to publish, and applying for funding.

Professionalism and Ethics

Cultivate a strong moral compass and work ethic to prepare you for navigating complex situations with competence and integrity while developing a reputable professional identity.

Leadership and Management

Equip yourself to become a great leader who creates effective teams, communicates a clear vision, inspires collaboration, and resolves conflicts so that you can lead in meaningful ways both now and in the future.


Engage in a transformative series of workshops on mentoring, equipping graduate you with the skills to become better mentors and mentees, fostering a more collaborative and supportive academic community.

Teaching and Learning

Enhance your ability to communicate complex ideas, make presentations more effective, and communicate with diverse audiences while also honing your interpersonal skills and cultural competency.

Oral, Written, and Intercultural Communication

Cultivate your communication skills for more effective knowledge dissemination within academic settings, while also preparing to better articulate your ideas to a wider audience for careers in any industry.

Social and Global Responsibility

Engage in discussions on social and global responsibility to develop a nuanced perspective that will help you to make meaningful contributions to societal well-being, and global sustainability.

GRAD 360° provides content as a service to Clemson University graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Some GRAD 360° events and content may not be in accord with every trainees’ personal priorities, opinions, or beliefs. A very broad range of topics, content and perspectives is required to serve the professional development needs of every member of our graduate student and postdoctoral scholar populations, diverse in every aspect. The content, views, opinions, and positions expressed by the presenters of GRAD 360° events are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Graduate School, Clemson University, or any of its units or employees.

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